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Erica M. Hanson, LICSW
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It is important that you find a therapist who makes you feel understood, respected and contained at a time when you are feeling out of control, conflicted, having relationship issues or are grieving a loss. The therapeutic relationship is a unique one, it is the only relationship I know of where your thoughts, feelings and ideas are carefully attended to. Together we can create a space where we can put feelings into words and make sense of them. I use my warmth, empathy and sense of humor to help individuals and couples gain insight, understand what feelings and behaviors come from the past and no longer serve you in the present, freeing you up to live a happier fulfilling life.
Ask yourself if any of the following statements apply to you:
Are you and your spouse/partner having increased, repetitive arguments, blaming each
other and having difficulty communicating?
Do you feel depressed, anxious or are you having difficulty from unresolved feelings
from the past?
Are you overwhelmed with the crisis of infertility and need support and tools for
Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and need help coping with a chronic
 I offer the following services:
Individual Psychotherapy
Couple Psychotherapy
Infertility Counseling
Coping with Chronic Illness
I can help you:
Improve your relationships
Increase awareness and insight
Increase self-esteem
Discover the unconscious forces that are getting in the way of making better choices
and leading a happier healthier life
Grieve unresolved losses so you can enjoy your life
I invite you to read more about me and find out about the services I offer.  I look forward to consulting with you. Erica

1050 17th Street N.W.
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Washington, DC, 20036
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